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In London, the Creature Commandos visit a wax museum on R&R and end up causing a stir and are asked to leave, causing them to again despair of ever being accepted by society.

The next day they are sent on another mission, this time deep into the heart of German occupied Italy to discover the fate of one of the Allies' most important Italian informants, codename: Alesso. They parachute in a mile out from the village of Ebola and walk to town, only to find the roads lined with villagers who've been hung to death and left out to instill fear in the remaining populace.

They find an old woman a short while later, about to be hung by Nazi soldiers. They save her and find out that she's, in fact, Alesso. Or, actually, Professor Alesso, an Italian scientist.

Thankfully, the Germans didn't know who they'd captured, and the team are able to take the professor back to her home village where she could continue her work of spying on the Germans. The townspeople though shrank away from the team in fear, and so, when Professor Alesso shows them a time machine she had secretly invented in her basement, Dr. Medusa volunteers her team to be her test subjects to try it out, thinking that perhaps they could find the acceptance by society they sought in the future.

It didn't turn out that way at all though, as, ten centuries in the future, they find themselves in a world filled with giant blonde clones, where there was a template for men and one for women and everyone looked just alike in that way. They were sentenced to die fighting lions becasue they were different. They managed to escape back to their time machine and return home.

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