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  • Dr. Fate

Learn the story behind the legendary Nabu and his modern-day weapon against all things evil. Originally appeared in More Fun comics #55, May 1940.

  • Enchantress

June Moone is selected to protect not just our world, but the realm of the supernatural as well. Originally appeared in Strange Adventures #187, April 1966.

  • Animal Man

Buddy Blake's life is turned upside down when he is exposed to radiation allowing him to duplicate all the abilities in the animal kingdom! Originally appeared in Strange Adventures #180, September 1965

  • The Tricks of Metamorpho's Trade

A bonus feature! Originally appeared in World's Finest #226 published November, 1973.

  • Congorilla

The incredible tale recounting Congo Bill's discovery of the Golden Gorilla. Originally appeared in Action Comics #247, December 1958.

  • El Diablo

The mysterious rider of the western plains carries a heavy burden...or is it a curse? Originally appeared in All-Star Western #2, December 1970.

  • Bizarro

A brief ook at how Superman's imperfect double came to be! Originally appeared in World's Finest comics #181, December 1968.

  • The Spectre

Cop Jim Corrigan is shot and killed, but that is only how his extraordinary story begins. Originally appeared in More Fun Comics#52-53, February and March 1940.

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