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While searching for the missing Brainiac 5, the Legion of Super-Heroes is captured by Nardo.  A prison warden who was at war with all lawmen in the universe.  Lawmen had exiled Nardo from his own world in a distant galaxy and he swore eternal warfare against all who champion the law. 
Weight Wizard was a fellow "convinct" who had been the hero of his world.  He secretly spied on the other prisoners in exchange for more food and less beatings than the other captured heroes.  After betraying the Legion's most recent escape plan, he unintentionally caused the death of Blockade Boy and was responsible for Matter-Eater Lad being punished by execution by firing squad.  He came to regret his actions and decided to make a one-man escape attempt to make up for his past deeds.  Unfortunately, he died while trying to escape the stalag. 


Weight Wizard's abilities included making himself any weight from an ounce to 1,000 tons.  When he is super-lightweight, he is much faster and is able to jump great distances.

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