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Need a break from the summer required reading you've put off until now? This new issue of Weekly Shonen Jump should do the trick! The fight between Luffy and Don Chin Jao in One Piece takes an unusual turn when Don starts...crying? What is the cause of his tears? And in Naruto, it seems no one can put a dent in the new form of Obito. But when he insults Naruto's pa, things get serious! And in Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, the new manga by the legendary Akira Toriyama, Jaco finds he just can't stop fighting crime! The problem is, he can't tell the coppers from the criminals! All this and more!

Table of Contents

MangaChapter #Chapter Name
One Piece717Dressrosa's Forgotten
Naruto642An Opening
One-Punch Man23.2Threat From The Sea
Jaco the Galactic Patrolman5The Galactic Patrolman's Enforcement
Toriko245At The End!!
World Trigger26Arashiyama Squad Part 2
Dragon Ball27The Time Draws Near

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