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Along with the Superpowered agents of The Higher United Nations Defense Enforcement Reserves or T.H.U.N.D.E.R. such as Dynamo, Noman, Raven and Lightning where were also non-powered regular agents known for their red and black uniforms and willingness to serve as cannon fodder.

Among these mostly nameless support agents two that were given names and played a part in the stories.

One was Kitten, a beautiful martial arts agent, and the other was Weed (he was always drawn with a cigarette dangling from his mouth) who seemed to serve mainly as Dynamo’s side-kick\ comic relief.

An expert apparently of nothing in particular, nor very bright, or all that good as combatant, and for that matter not all that funny either, his main function seemed to make the occasional off-hand snarky remarks and well… be Dynamo’s pal.

He was also featured in individual stories Dynamo's Comic called Weed’s Bad Time Stories.    

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