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Holy Over-sized Greatness, BATMAN!

Wednesday comics was a 12 week anthology released in the late summer of 2009.  15 different stories + 15 different creative teams + 12 Weeks straight of news-paper sized comics - (minus) the added (except for one) = the best Anthology of 2009 hands down.
This Over-sized Hardcover is nice for those who skipped on the 12 week adventure or those who loved the 12 weeks so much they hand to get a little more.  I fall in the second batch.  The newspaper set I am keeping, just put away to keep the paper dryer, it was a unique experience that only can be read that way.  This collected version ups the production value.  Nicer paper, great binding and cover.  Extras such as artist sketch areas and two new one-pager stories.
The original Wednesday comics finished with a 4/5 for me.  Wonder Woman I could not read.... sorry I couldn't  so 1/2 star at least lost there, but also it felt like it was dragging on waiting for the next page of story each week... so again at least a 1/2 star lost there.  There was a lot of ups!  New way of reading the classic comic presentation for one.   There is also many great names attached to this book.  The 100 Bullets team of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, Paul Pope, Adam and Joe Kubert, Kyle Baker, Dave Gibbons, Neil Gaiman and much more.  I don't think there was never an anthology this stacked with talent since Black and White Batman. 
This hardcover is takes this great anthology and makes it more accessible for new readers.  The stories are collected in proper reading order and the nicer paper makes certain stories easier to follow, such as Wonder Woman.  There is also the two extra stories exposing new readers to roughly 3 or 4 dozen DCU characters.  This is a nice book for anyone who wants to get introduced to the DCU.  The only concern I have is the size of this book.  It is about the height of an average sized man's torso and the with of Absolute.  These over-sized books are not for everyone since they can be awkward to read if you are not use to them. It is also surprising lighter then I thought it would be when looking at it.
There is at least something for everyone in this book.  There is team action with the Teen Titans.  Space Adventure with with Adam Strange and the Green Lantern.  Crime Noir with Batman.  Mythology with Wonder Woman.  Silly crime/team action with Metal Men.  Time travel with the Flash. Adventure with Metamorpho.  Post-apocalyptic with Kamandi.  War with Sgt. Rock.  Fun story with the Power girl team writing a Super Girl story.   There is something.  Trust me.
I gave this hardcover a 5/5 because the two 1/2 stars the monthly version lost, this book does not suffer from.  Wonder Woman was not my fave story, I'll admit that... thank god it reads better in this book. My heart goes to the Hawkman story (Kyle Baker doesn't do enough DC work).  Also the delay in the next page is nothing to worry about because the stories are collected in correct order.  The over-size does not bother me, since I like the Absolute books to read when I can just enjoy them.
 I love Kyle Baker's story telling skills.
If you missed the monthly release, don't miss out on this.  
Now excuse me I am going to kick up me feet, sit in a nice chair, have a cool drink and enjoy this anthology again.
Posted by inferiorego

Mine came in the mail yesterday, and I was so excited to see each story lumped together in order. This will be my weekend read

Posted by Silkcuts
@inferiorego: Your a man of good taste.  You'll enjoy it I am sure.
Posted by inferiorego
@Silkcuts: I own the first 6 issues, but I wanted to read it as a whole. I loved what was out already though.

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