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Carnage comes a'callin' in this story set in current continuity! Trapped in the dreaded Negative Zone, Spider-Man fights on the side of the insurrectionists against the overwhelming power of the monstrous Blastaar! And just when it seems most bleak, the wall-crawler discovers the most unlikely ally ever in the crimson killer called Carnage! And don't miss an appearance by the original Dusk! Or the swell art and cover by Bart Sears!

Blastaar, determined to hunt down these rebels that he's been searching for (and what exactly is the basis behind this conflict, anyway?) kicks things off by nuking an entire planet. Unfortunately for him, the rebels weren't on it, and this man - or whatever - does not take failure well, venting his anger by charbroiling the nearest general. Kasady agrees to help hunt the rebels down, but something else is drawing him.

Spidey and Dusk, meanwhile, are trying to decide how best to protect Dusk's people, get ambushed by a squadron of Blastaar's Imperial probe dro - er, sorry, harrier droids. The two make mincemeat of the metal mercenaries with the aid of their spiffy costumes. Deciding the only course of action is to "take the fight to [Blastaar]... now!" Dusk floats off with Spidey right on his tail. After all, "recently he lost his main reason to live." Kasady, meanwhile, just found his, in the form of another symbiote that somehow ended up on this world. Once again, he is Carnage.

The two heros arrive at Blastaar's base and begin trashing some robot guards, trying to get through the defensive perimeter before Blastaar can rip through the distortion area and reach earth, destroying the planet they're now on in the process. But Spider-Man is interrupted by Carnage, who quickly gets the better of him. Blastaar, meanwhile, has nearly accomplished his goal before Dusk manages to talk him down, claiming that since their planet is so close to the nexus of realities, destroying it would destroy reality itself. The Living Bomburst isn't totally insane, and after a quick word of confirmation from his own flunkies he shuts down the machine.

Carnage, however, is totally insane, going beserk at the thought of not murdering trillions of people. He flips the machine back on and the two plunge back into the maelstrom. Spider-Man plunges after Kasady and the two fall back through the distortion area to earth, seemingly losing their new costumes in the process. But as Kasady is led away by the waiting police, a few tendrils of symbiote matter are clinging to his chin...







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