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The wall-crawler pursues a fleeing Carnage into the dreaded Negative Zone! Once there, Spider-Man dons a strange new costume as he is caught in the war between the forces of Blastaar and the freedom fighters who oppose his tyrannical rule! Yes, it's another WEBSPINNERS story set in modern continuity by a stellar creative team!

The issue opens with a shadowy figure telling the story of two people. One, Cletus Kasady, is in custody minus his Carnage symbiote, which Venom consumed in PP:SM #9. The other is Peter Parker, "kept... awake [by] the loss of his true love." While he swings off into the night, Kasady feels a strange calling and manages to break out of jail with the police hot on his tail. Before Spider-Man can subdue him, the van and both figures get sucked into some sort of black-hole-looking gateway.

Falling through the distortion area - kind of a "no man's land" between the real world and the Negative Zone, Spidey loses his hold on Carnage, falls into a maelstrom of some kind and emerges wearing what I assume is the "Spider-Man Unlimited" costume (anyone who's seen the cartoon or the comic want to back me up here?) Before he (or I, for that matter) can understand what's going on, Spider-Man takes the opportunity to help out a stranger he sees tumbling into the same maelstrom. But before he can get his bearings the two land on the surface of some strange planet and come face to face with... "Blastaar - The Living Bomburst!"

It seems Mr. Bomburst was trying to open a rift in the distortion area to march his armies through and attack the real world, a plot foiled by Spidey and our mystery guest, whom Blastaar recognizes. Realizing that discretion is the better part of valor, the two beat a hasty retreat into the bowels of the city while Blastaar starts, well, blasting things. They meet a crowd of refugees, who also recognize the stranger. Remember Dusk, the guy who gave Spidey his nifty all-black costume back in Identity Crisis? None other.

Oh, and Cletus Kasady drops in to join up with Blastaar, but that's a story for next issue.







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