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It's a double-sized conclusion to the soul seering story by the top team of Paul Jenkins (INHUMANS) and J.G. Jones (BLACK WIDOW)!  Get ready for a poignant tour through Marvel history as a terrible incident leads Peter Parker to reassess his turbulent life in a series of searing vignettes. We'll relive the tragic and triumphant moments in the wall-crawler's career from the death of Uncle Ben to Spider-Man's ultimate victory over the Green Goblin. Will Peter realize it's better to have loved and lost rather than never to have loved at all? Or will he chuck it all and retire to a quiet life of desperation? Whatever happens, we bet that this modern day tale will leave a lasting impression on anyone who reads it!  Their efforts for Marvel Knights made everybody go "whoa!"--now Jenkins and Jones do the web-spinner proud!     

As he walks off the bridge, rain starting to fall, Peter Parker can only come to one conclusion: the Chameleon's death was his fault. The man was alone, lost, trying to find someone who he could turn to, and Peter just laughed in his face. Just more guilt for a man burdened by too much already. He returns home, brushes off Aunt May, and collapses into a nightmare.

Within the dream, the traumas of his life unfold around him. He sees Captain Stacy die again, Harry Osborn, Kraven the mad Hunter, the baby, Ben Reilly, and all because of him. Then the death of Gwen Stacy, plummeting from the bridge, neck snapping as Peter's webline catches her. "Maybe if you'd let her fall, take her chances in the water . . . maybe you killed her." But the most pivotal is yet to come: the death of Uncle Ben. No matter how much he can possibly rationalize the others' deaths, (and let's be honest, the assorted supervillains deserve to shoulder the lion's share of blame) "he died because you were too selfish and lazy to prevent it. It was your fault, Pete. And as soon as you accept it, that's when you'll be free of it." Re-energized in the dream, Peter finds himself attacking several of his enemies, laughing all the way. Soon, he realizes that that way, losing himself in the fighting and Spider-Man persona, is too easy. He has to carry the burden of his life. "I know it's a big convoluted mess, but that's what you've become."    

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