Review: Web of Spider-Man #11

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Mary Jane and the Black Cat team up to find out what happened to Spider-Man, who is missing or possibly worse.

The Good

The only thing you can really say about this book is that the artwork is great. Pepe Larraz does the art on the main story and uses a style that's just as well fitted for a 2000s animated series, but more complex. The facial expressions are a bit over-the-top, but they work well with the story, and make it a little more interesting. I am a little worried for Black Cat though, she has like a 10 inch waist. I don't think that's healthy. The back-up story's art was done by Sana Takeda. Sana's art has more of a Japanese Anime spin to it, but it really works for the story, since the story isn't that great to begin with.

The Bad

During the Jackpot back-up story, we see Jackpot's face in 16 panels. In 15 of those panels, the faces look exactly the same. Copy-Paste. She's being beaten up by Mr Negative, but her face is in this weird, grimacing frozen solid state the entire time. It's incredibly distracting from the artwork in the back-up, which is actually good. As for the main Black Cat-Mary Jane story, well, it's boring. Maybe it's that I just don't particularly care for these characters, but it was a bit tough to get through this issue. In addition, Spider-Man isn't technically in this issue. He's on one panel of one page, as a memory. I felt a little gypped when I finished the book, knowing I had read a Spider-Man book that contained no Spider-Man.

The Verdict 2.5/5

A Spidey book with no Spidey. I don't know why this book exists. Amazing Spider-Man runs three times a month and the majority of the time, it's pretty good. I'm not sure if this book really has a place. Based on this one issue alone, it's a pretty "meh" comic. I wouldn't recommend this book, buying or reading. There's so much better Spider-Man stuff out there, and this book is pretty forgettable.
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Black Cat and Mary Jane working together <3

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I'm curious about this one, but probably not enough to actually pick it up.

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I almost picked this up, but when I flipped through quickly and saw no Spidey, I put it back

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I stopped reading Web Of Spider-man. I only picked it up for Kane.
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it was an...issue

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