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The Assassin Nation Atlantis

AF Reviews: Atlantis Attacks

War Zone: New York continues Marvel's Atlantis Attacks crossover starring Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four. Gerry Conway and Javier Saltares deliver an incredibly important chapter in the crossover as Atlantis' attack on the surface world reach it's shocking climax.

Sadly, I read this issue a week ago so it's not fresh in my mind, but I do remember it being surprisingly good. Unlike the other two Spider-Man tie-in issues to Atlantis Attacks, this one is very integral and is pretty much the finale of Attuma's story arc. Thinking back, most of the issue was Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four fighting invading Atlanteans but there was the great ending with Attuma defeated and realizing that Ghaur and Llyra played him for a fool and almost his entire race has been destroyed.

Sadly, I can't really go too in-depth with this issue because as I said, I had to wait to be unbanned to review it. It is definitely the best chapter of Atlantis Attacks so far and truly lived up to the crossover's title of "Atlantis Attacks". With such weak entries in this crossover as the bad Dazzler body-swapping X-Men issue or anything with Liefeld's name on it, it does make it almost all worthwhile to eventually get to a genuinely good issue like this. Almost.


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