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1st story: "Shriek, Rattle And Roll"

2nd story: "Daze And Confusion" featuring Warrant

3rd story: "Tabula Rasa" featuring Black Cat

4th story: "The Power Of Resistance" featuring Prowler

“Shriek, Rattle and Roll!” Plot by Terry Kavanagh. Script by Mike Lackey. Pencils by Jerry Bingham. Inks by Tom Palmer. Cover by Alex Saviuk. From the pages of Maximum Carnage, Shriek is back and ready for incarceration at the newly renovated Ravencroft Institution! Dr. Kafka and John Jameson are confident that the high-tech security system at Ravencroft can hold Shriek. But the wondrous wall-crawler has heard that one before! So he voluntarily oversees Shriek’s in-processing to make sure everything goes as planned. And of course everything goes as planned…for about five minutes, and then everything goes haywire! By feeding off the negative emotions of the guards, Shriek breaks free of her restraints! And after that she frees Gale, Mayhem, Pyromania, and Webber to raise cain at Ravencroft! Oh no, is this going to become Maximum Carnage part two? The Amazing Spider-Man and John Jameson rush to the maximum security wing…and the wild free-for-all erupts! Can the web-slinger stop the carnage (this time) before it begins? Cameo appearances by Reynard, Warrant, and Edward Whelan (aka Vermin). Second story: “Daze and Confusion” Plot by Terry Kavanagh. Script by Joey Cavalieri. Art by Alex Saviuk (breakdowns) and Don Hudson (finishes). Warrant stops the assassination of a U.S. Senator. Third story: “Tabula Rasa” Script by Mike Lackey. Pencils by Sergio Cariello. Inks by Keith Williams. In a twist of fate, Felicia returns home one evening and catches the Black Fox burglarizing her apartment! The Black Cat is furious and chases the Black Fox across the rooftops of Manhattan! Fourth story: “The Power of Resistance” Script by Joey Cavalieri. Art by Vince Giarrano. The Prowler breaks up a robbery and runs into a bizarre villain called the Resistor.

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