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An old woman is shot by a sniper from a distance and the shooter remarks that leaves just two more to go. In the next pane, the shooter is targeting Pete. He isn't the target though and the shooter moves the sights and takes a shot at Dominic Fortune. They are in some sort of cemetery and Pete is there for pictures. Fortune says he is a marked man and shows Pete his son's grave. He claims Simon Steele murdered him and asks Pete for help by helping him get access to the Bugle's files to trace Steele.

While at the Bugle doing his own research on Steele/Fortune, Pete is given the task of getting pictures from a place where a witness willing to testify against Steele is getting protection. He shows up as Spidey and Silver Sable and her crew are also there. There's a bit of a battle but it's all a ruse and Steele's men are really going after Fortune. Sable and Spidey rush over there.

They help save Fortune, who drops a smoke bomb while he rushes out with his men determined to get to Steele first to get his vengeance. Spidey manages to get a tracer on Fortune's van. Spidey and Sable arrive just in time to stop Fortune killing Steele. Sabbath (Fortune's old confidant who he believed dead) then shows up and lowers a thick glass wall between Steele and the good guys. Steele escapes and blows up the building, apparently with Spidey, Sable and Fortune still inside.    

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