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The Brothers Grimm, Titania and Trapster are all on their way to prison as the aftermath of Acts Of Vengeance (see Web of 59, 60 and 61). Graviton rescues them all and thy decide to go after Spider-Man again.

At the offices of Jonah's new magazine in New York, Jonah and Robbie are looking at Katzenberg's pictures. Pete says he faked being Spidey for the info-shoot because it wasn't really news, while Katzenberg says Pete must have faked all his Spider-Man pictures. Jonah accepts his explanation but Robbie fires him.

On his way out, Katzenberg tries to get smart with Pete … who pins him to the wall! He throws him onto the floor and storms off while Katzenberg vows revenge.

As Pete, in his Spidey get-up, rues everything that's happened, the Green Goblin flies past – unnoticed to Pete. Hmmm…

Graviton and his goons meet up with Chameleon who offers them $100k each to take out Spider-Man. The Chameleon also unveils Goliath – the last remaining villain Spidey battered in Acts Of Vengeance. Graviton once again makes the Bugle building float and Spidey shows up. There's a big ruck between them all but Graviton seemingly comes out on top as he messes with Spider-Man's gravity forcing him to fall to earth…    

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