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We begin with the Kingpin putting in a call to someone (which turns out to be someone in the US govt) about cleaning up after the Beyonder's exploits. Obviously if knowledge of the gold becomes widespread, the stock market would react and most likely push the world into a recession.

Spidey is at the scene saving people from the wreckage when the police and Kingpin's men turn up to seal off the area. Charles Anderson, some sort of government agent is the guy in charge and also the guy liasing with Kingpin. He warns Spidey off and his staff even shoot at him.

After Spidey has rescued everyone, he is sat in the wreckage wondering if he should take some of the gold. With Aunt May's retirement home in financial trouble, plus Pete having his usual cash-flow hassles, a few bit of gold could change his fortunes.

Our hero decides not to take anything but when he sees Anderson talking to Kingpin he is angry that the government would deal with the devil, so to speak. Kingpin has offered the use of his men to clean up the area in return for a host of gold typewriters worth millions.

Faced with the frustration of getting no credit for his life-saving work and the Kingpin walking off with millions, Spidey pockets a gold notebook and swings off.

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