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Confused Noob

I'm reviewing this as an outsider to any Spider-man stories post-One More Day. I finally got around to giving ol' web head a chance via this and a recent Amazing Spider-man. I've heard there's some Gauntlet thing going on in which Spidey fights a veritable who's who of his classic rogue's gallery.  
In this issue, we get an updated Lizard origin story, and a somewhat out-of-place appearance from Man-Thing. I gave it three stars because I love Spider-man and his supporting cast, but this one really had me scratching my head as to the point of this issue. I'll give Web of Spider-man the benefit of the doubt that it works much better in conjunction with a good understanding of current spider stories and recent issues. The backing Spider-Girl story on the other hand was enjoyable. 

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Posted by haydenclaireheroes
If you do not like one more day like I do or do not understand it then the only thing in this issue you will probably enjoy is spider-girl. That was my favorite part of the issue.
Posted by Krakoa
@haydenclaireheroes: Very true. Amazing Spider-man seems to have rebounded from the confusion very nicely though.

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