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Jonah is trapped in his penthouse apartment, still chained up by the Chameleon. Chameleon tells Jonah no one will even notice and shows him his recent headlines (“Spider-Man linked To Sudan Unrest” is a particularly good one!). After Chameleon goes, Jonah manages to crack a mirror and, after some reflection on his early career, tries to shine light from the mirror outside to attract attention.

A passing helicopter thinks it's just kids playing around and flies off. JJJ continues to remember his early career, tracing police corruption. He received a tip off that would lead him to the evidence he needed in a locker at a train station. He doesn't want the key to be taken so entrusts it to a young lad who was working with him. It turned out to be a trap and the locker exploded in the boy's face.

Back in the present and Jonah, who was straining for the key to his cuffs reaches them and frees himself. As he's escaping, Chameleon returns. We also simultaneously see how JJJ nailed the corrupt cop with a taped confession.

There's no scenes with the Lobo Brothers here, so technically it's not really part of that arc, but if you're reading the reviews in sequence, this one needs to be in here just to tie in to the Chameleon/J.J.J. side of things.







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