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In our opening two scenes, we have Spidey looking all over NYC for Doc Ock. We then have Ock battling (and defeating) a robot Spidey at his HQ.

Meanwhile, at the Bugle, there's a new City Editor - Kathryn Cushing. She gives Pete the task of getting some tricky photos from a peace conference that's well defended.

As Pete's at an ATM getting money out, Ock and his gang burst into the very same bank (there's a coincidence) and begin robbing it. Pete changes though and begins some serious backside-booting on Ock's gang.

But when he has to rush one of the injured bank workers to hospital though and Ock and his gang excape.

Soon after Pete sneaks into the embassy to get his peace conference pics. He is held up though and, meanwhile, Ock kidnaps Kathryn at the Bugle (he was tired of waiting for Spidey to turn up and fight, so left with a hostage).

Spidey uses one of his tracers (which he'd left on one of Ock's goons earlier) to track them down and gets into a battle with the Doc. Ock thinks it is his Spidey robot and fights back but when he realises it's the real deal, he freezes and Spidey saves the day (and Kathryn).

The next day, Pete goes back to the Bugle to try and sell his peace pics but their quality is poor and so Kathryn turns them down.

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