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Sure, Spidey's wanted to get Betty Leeds out of the religious cult she joined. But when Flash Thompson takes matters into his own hands by kidnaping her, whose side will the wall-crawler be on? Meanwhile, Mary Jane wouldn't really model for a revealing linerie catalogue ... would she?


Pete is angry at Flash and the reverend for taking Betty but the rev asks him if he's ever don anything wrong for the greater good (hmmm, good point – 'Well no… I mean, maybe assault and battery… and illegal entry', Pete thinks).

The reverend is trying to deprogram Betty, while May pops into MJ's and Pete's. MJ is in the shower and Pete is at Flash's. May sees MJ's lingerie shoot pics!

Teacher has told Brother Guy to search for Betty at the list of places she originally gave them about where she might stay. He also says to keep an eye on Bruce, who could have been pushed over the edge by the deprogrammers' raid. The cult launch an attack on Flash's flat. Pete gets the rev to safety but one of the cult members holds a knife to Flash's throat, preventing Pete from doing anything too rash.

At the cult's HQ, Bruce has set a fire in the basement. In MJ's flat, May is shocked at the pictures when MJ says they're for a catalogue. She tells MJ if she hurts Pete then she'll have to dock (deck) her! MJ burns the pictures and negatives. She obviously didn't fancy a rumble with Aunt May.

Back at the cult's HQ and Pete and Flash are tied up. Bruce wants to kill them and gets a gun from Teacher's office. Meanwhile, the flames begin to take hold. Kate and Ben have managed to track where the cult are with a bit of help from the reverend and one of Ben's sources and they set off to go there, after calling the police.

Betty is much more herself after the reverend's deprogramming efforts. As the fire burns, Pete helps her and Flash escape. After a quick change to Spidey, he intercepts Bruce and then deals with Teacher, who also has a gun. Bruce and Teacher get trapped in the burning building.

Pete, Betty and Flash are outside when Kate and Ben turns up. Kate goes to find Tracey but realises it isn't her sister.

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