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We begin in a large house where a woman (Vicky) is planning to leave her husband (Frank). He arrives home as she is leaving with their two children. She says things about not feeling right working for him any longer and goes to phone the police. There is a struggle and Frank ends up talking to the police himself. Whoever he is talking to is in on whatever his 'business' is and suggests putting Vicky away.

Next, in some sort of asylum, which we find out is privately funded (with its 'patients' selected) by the Kingpin. They are preparing for a new arrival.

Over at the Bugle and a page spread is being drawn up about the recklessness of superheroes. Pete's pictures of Spidey are to be used. He is upset about MJ being on a modelling assignment in Paris so soon after they got married.

Pete goes to Aunt May's but, later as he's leaving, he runs into Vicky's two kids. They are running after an ambulance with their mother in. Pete tells them he's sure their mum just needs a 'rest' and that they should go home.

Later and Pete can't forget about the kids. We cut to a scene on top of the asylum. Frank is there with his two kids. Apparently they followed him there. The young boy pulls a gun on his father while the girl bangs on the roof's door for her Mum.

Suddenly, security surrounds them but then Spidey shows up (no idea how he knew where to find them) and takes the security guys out. One remains and he has hold of the little girl, who he drops off the roof. Spidey swings down and saves her but appears to be shot as he crumples to the floor.

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