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Spidey bags a coupla crooks who are breaking into a train carriage. While doing so, though, he inhales some weird gas. One of them (Willy) gives him a fake sob-story about having a family to support, etc and Spidey lets him go.

Later, at the Bugle, Pete sees a news report where the two crooks he busted are also wanted for stealing a big charity fund. He realises he's been duped and goes after the crook he let go. He stops by at Josie's Bar to get some crook info but some police sirens almost give him a seizure as, presumably, the gas is affecting him

Meanwhile Willy is having a run-in with the other crook (Gunther) that he left for Spidey at the start. The police couldn't pin anything on Gunther and now he's looking for revenge. Willy leaves an ad in the Bugle for Spidey to meet him at the train yard cos he wants protection. Pete has another seizure at home.

Pete sees the ad but, because of his condition, is worried about going into action as Spidey. He decides to go for it though and goes to the train yard. Gunther is there also, terrorising Willy. Despite another seizure, Spidey manages to stop Gunther and get the charity money back from Willy. 'Several' days later and Spidey's feeling fine again.

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