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Pete has been given an ultimatum by Mrs Muggins, his landlady. Either finish the repairs to his flat (see issue 11 for details) or he will be evicted. Pete doesn't have any money to repair anything but remembers he still has the gold notebook (see issue six for details). He also has to go met Aunt May at the hospital to visit Nathan, so does a quick change to Spider-Man.

Elsewhere, the Black Fox is back on the streets. He is meeting up with another older crook Andre Boullion, who Spidey got arrested back in Amazing 265. The Black Fox wants Andre to sell on some goods that he is about to steal.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Pete has missed visiting hours. He does find out though that Nathan's insurance won't pay his medical bills. Pete, being Pete, wants to help and begins thinking of the notebook again.

Over at the Carnelian (?) Embassy in NYC, the Black Fox strikes. He is after the 'Eye Of Carnelia' a precious jewel. He is still trying to finance his retirement (after telling Spider-Man this about a different robbery in Amazing 265, Spidey had let him go).

Spidey swings past and notices something going on. He thinks the Black Fox had played him for a fool back in 265 and drops in to stop the robbery. As the guards file in though, Spidey doesn't want to see the Fox dead and in trying to prevent the guards shooting him, accidentally helps him escape. He then hits upon the idea of following the Fox to his source where he sells his stolen goods and flogging the gold notebook. He puts a tracer on the Fox. As we see Spidey's thoughts, he rationalises that it's not a matter of good or bad, it's a fact that he has to survive and to do so, he must sell the notebook.

He follows the Fox to an apartment where he finds Andre dead. He thinks he has misused his responsibility as he let the Fox loose (in Am 265) and as a result another man is dead.

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