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The concept of the Web Hosts was born from John Raymond himself, after finding his new venture to be more than he could handle alone, and after visiting a Sunbucks for some coffee, his idea of getting help via Web Hosts was born, and a franchise was hatched. He started with informing people through TV commercials to write a paragraph on why a certain person should get a Web Suit. Soon, applicants began filling under his management, and started to give out Web Suits with 120-day hassle free tech support.
The idea was great, but the practicality spiraled out of control. A couple of well-intended Web Hosts saved Web from being on the receiving end of an RPG, at the expense of losing the location of Doctor Archer, which infuriated Web. The more rambunctious Web Hosts started to take on Kobra, a fishing vessel who was accused of poaching whales, it was uncontrollable. This prompted Oracle to intervene, by sending Batgirl to take on a hands-on approach with Web. After Oracle introduced herself to Web, she demanded him to make the Web Hosts docile and to respond to the Justice League of America should they go out of line. John counter-offered her by demanding as well if she can help him find Doctor Archer, that he can do what she asks. Both parties agreed to their respective favors, and Web soon got to gather all of his Web Hosts to inform him of the changes, which a majority of them did not agree.
Their displeasure went from vocal to physical as they attacked Web and dragged him into a senseless free-for-all, which led Web to use his master override switch to turn off all of the other Web Suits. He then demanded that they fall in line or fork over the suits. That majority shrunk, with some of the crazier Hosts daring him to pry their suits from their cold, dead hands, while a good amount of the other Hosts agreed with Web's new rules. After that, Oracle's new upgrades began to take effect, with a twitter-style social network that let him know where Doctor Archer was precisely. The internet ultimately proved to be his key to finding Doctor Archer, and having him arrested, and making Web a very grateful man. However, being a Web Host also meant that it was subject to being easily manipulated, for there were three Web Hosts, Gary, Carol, and Cecil, that went their own way, and offered their protection services to Deuces Wilde, interfering in Web's objective of arresting Deuces Wilde. They fought him, and nearly killed him, until Web caught a lucky break, and managed to stop them by the distraction of a prior call to the tech support of The Web, Inc. Another Web Host in Detroit tried to help Mateo Burland from getting away from the drug game in Detroit, Michigan, but ended up getting killed by Amado Santana, Mateo's boss, despite the Web Host trying to pay him money for leaving alive, meaning that as easy as it is for a Web Host to modify his suit and operations, they run the same risk of any super-hero facing death. This axiom was proven once again by The Global Concern managing to remotely control all the 98 Web Hosts by a mole in the Hosts, to fly at a base in Colorado which belonged to The Cell, a weapons organization who didn't accept to do work with the Concern. Once the mole finished to destroy the base in Colorado, they were controlled to attack Web and Kim Brand, who refitted her suit to become Fly Girl. Fortunately, both Web and Fly Girl were successful in overriding the remote control of the Concern, and in the process, saving the lives of the Web Hosts.

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