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Jared Carstairs was a successful weatherman but he was also very arrogant.  He worked for Mr. Scanlon's television channel and had a crush on Scanlon's daughter Maureen, who

..the beginning.
couldn't stand him.  At the insistence of her father she went out on a date with Jared.  While out, Jared got a little rough and she slapped him.  Insulted by this, he would begin to stalk her until he was eventually fired by Mr. Scanlon.  Angered by these events, Jared created a costume and became the Weather-Maker.  He would soon kidnap Maureen and fight the Avengers but was defeated by Thor.  Now in prison, Jared would use a piece of circuitry and accidentally summon the Godstorm, a magical storm that was also imprisoned by Thor.  The Godstorm would grant Jared powerful weather controlling powers to battle Thor, and in the process naming himself Torrent.

He rampaged in New York City .Thor fought Torrent who was winning but Torrent got distracted by Maureen and a recovered Thor captured Torrent .Thor  brought  him to Asgard to finish off some Trolls that were causing the Asgardians some trouble .Exhausted Torrent was brought to Odin who stripped him of his powers and was sent back to Earth to face whatever justice he found .

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