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Weapon Y was created by Evan Skolnick, Manny Galan, and Brad Vancatta.

Major Story Arcs

Mylar Shrug

Weapon Y was first briefly referenced in an article of the NY Times. It was later, during Comic-Con in the Rental Plaza Hotel of New York City, that Weapon Y made his appearance by blasting his way into the convention and stating his intention to destroy Marvel Comics writer Fabian Nicieza, who was headlining the event. Weapon Y wanted to destroy Nicieza for writing a story where he was defeated by the New Warriors. Even though Nicieza  frantically tried to explain to Weapon Y that he'd actually wrote the story as a way to set him up as a recurring threat for the team, Weapon Y refused to listen.

Luckily for Nicieza, Mike Jeffries and Mickey Musashi (two students who shared the Turbo battle suit) were attending the convention, and Musashi was able to distract Weapon Y by spraying him with a fire hose, allowing Jeffries to use the Turbo suit to knock Weapon Y across the room. Nicieza managed to escape, and vowed that he would never steal a supervillain name from the NY Times again. Battered but not beaten, Weapon Y blasted Jeffries, and although the Turbo suit managed to protect him, the blast ended destroying Jeffries' zinc edition of X-Force #1. Furious, Jeffries savagely and relentlessly beat Weapon Y until the police finally arrived and took Weapon Y into custody. He has yet to make a reappearance.

Powers and Abilities

Weapon Y wears a pair of energy-projectors on his wrists that can rapidly fire beams of an unknown energy type. These beams were shown to be powerful enough to destroy things such as furniture and other average fixtures, but they had no real effect whatsoever on the Turbo suit, and so their true destructive potential is largely uncertain.  

Weapon Y's left eye also seems to emit some form of energy, but it is uncertain whether this has anything to do with his energy-projectors. It is also uncertain whether this eye is some form of mutant ability or a technological device.


Weapon Y was most likely a parody of various 90's characters (such as Cable), although his name may also suggest some possible relation to an organization such as Weapon X or Weapon Plus. His backstory was never explored enough to confirm or deny this.


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