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This page is not about the Weapon Plus group that made Wolverine what he is. That page can be found here: Weapon X.


The Original Team

Weapon X was assembled by the Timebroker in the same way as the Exiles, and were given the same job to fix damaged realities. This team however had more vicious members and were often assigned missions that requiring killing.

The first lineup were: Sabretooth of Earth-295 ( Age of Apocalypse), Deadpool, Garrison Kane, Maverick, Mesmero and :1440. They took the name Weapon X since they all were affiliated with the Weapon X program in their respective time-lines. Replacement members were: Daredevil, She-Hulk, Storm, Spider, Vision, Iron Man, Gambit, Angel, Colossus, Hyperion, Ms. Marvel, Firestar and Hulk.

The team had a high mortality rate. When the original Weapon X members were killed, the new members, Spider, Storm, Vision, and She-Hulk were the replacement members. When they were on their way to David Richard's universe, They saw the Exiles and Weapon X were freaked out and the Exiles too. They first had a friendly meeting and fought together to free David Richards. When Blink gossiped to Mimic about the mission that both Exiles and Weapon X have to kill David Richards, the Vision heard Blink with his super hearing power and told Deadpool that their mission is incomplete

Weapon X: the most vicious team ever!

and Deadpool reacted to Sabretooth about the mission and Sabretooth cracked Deadpool's neck because they were having a fight. So Sabretooth was on the Exile's side and abandoned the Weapon X team. But Vision tracked Blink's energy signatures and followed them. When Weapon X reached the Exiles and of course Sabretooth, they had a fight so immense. First, Sunfire defeated Storm, next, Spider defeated Nocture, then, Sasquatch almost beat She-Hulk, but their new member Iron Man who was replaced by Deadpool helped She-Hulk to beat Sasquatch, and last, Spider wanted to kill Sabretooth so he can get rid of him. Spider tried, but Mimic stopped Spider by putting a big fire blast and Mimic was on his way to defeat Iron Man. Also Morph tried to beat Vision, but he couldn't because Vision was able to fire at Morph's face. They all had a big fight until the Sentinels came to stop them and capture David Richards and the other kids too. But thanks to Blink, she evacuated everyone to a safe place witch took nearly Blink three hours. So that's when the battle's over for now. Sabretooth decided to stay in David Richard's universe to not let David not to become a monster. In Iron Man's universe, where he controlled the planet, Killed Magneto, and took Doctor Doom's powers, Weapon X have to help him because the Inhumans needed blood and they're on the surface.

The new members are Angel, Colossus, and Gambit who is their new leader helped him and they

They are getting evil.

won, but the battle was too cruel and bloody. On their next mission witch involves on the new member who will kill them all on their other mission and he is Hyperion who is king of the planet in his universe.This time, Ms.Marvel, Hulk, Daredevil, and Firestar are the new members. The Spider asked Hyperion if he can kill lots of people and he said ten, but Spider wants to kill more so Hyperion told him he can kill more than ten. Then Spider became friends with them. But before that Hyperion killed Vision and Storm told Gambit to kill her because she did not want to be killed by Hyperion. So Gambit killed Storm. On their way to their next mission, they went to the next universe where Hyperion will kill all the members. This is where the Weapon X team is going to encounter with the Exiles the final time. They were supposed to do a mission, but instead, they had a bloody fight with the Exiles. First, Spider was killed by Firestar, and next, they were later all killed in battle by Hyperion, except for Daredevil, She-Hulk, Archangel, Iron Man and Hyperion who were returned to their own time-lines.

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