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Wolverine finally has all the answers he wanted about his days at the Weapon X facility... but he's also discovered why those memories were so deeply buried to begin with! Will his quest for the truth unleash an even greater danger upon those around him? The only way to make sure it doesn't is by facing off against his greatest enemy - himself! 
Plus: Gambit has just been hired for the biggest job of his young life - a heist at the Weapon X facility! Bonne chance, mon ami!  
Note: Issue includes a cover gallery for the volume, as well as a pinup by Michael Ryan. Also includes a preview for Black Panther #1.


Part 3, The Devil Inside

After a training session in the Danger Room, Wolverine meets once again with Xavier to sort out more of his memories. Xavier explains that Wolverine will be going it alone this time. After fashioning a special helmet, Wolverine is back in his memories. His memory self (Weapon X) is taken into the facilities and Wolverine follows. He wanders away and finds the doctors. He realizes they can't talk because he has no memory of where he finds them. He searches out Weapon X to see what his memories really have to share.
Weapon X escapes and finds Wolverine. The two begin fighting and Wolverine realizes that one must give in to the other. Wolverine does so and incorporates himself into Weapon X. This allows him to see his memories first-hand. He goes berserk. He hacks and slashes his way through the Weapon X facility before he finds the female doctor that had shown him kindness. The two escape until Weapon X finds the man responsible for the experimentation. Weapon X attacks and Wolverine is brought to his senses in reality when the X-Men are having to pry him off Xavier. After a few moments, Xavier thinks the danger has passed. Wolverine feels differently and leaves the X-Men alone with Xavier.
Later, Wolverine meets with Xavier and asks him to erase all the horrible memories the two have drawn out. Xavier refuses, stating that those memories are proof that Wolverine has grown. The two compromise: Xavier will block those memories out until Wolverine is more capable of reliving them. Wolverine suggests that those blocks never be taken down. He is shown later as a man that feels as if he is forgetting something. It's a normal feeling by now. He decides to get on with life.

The Job

A young Gambit infiltrates the Weapon X facility to retrieve a lost diary. In doing so, he stumbles upon a room that houses tanks filled with humanoids. Shocked, he backs into a series of crashes. Guards confront him but get called away to deal with the Weapon X escape before anything can happen. Gambit finds the diary and leaves during the assault of the experimented-on mutant. Outside, Gambit figures any diary found in that devilish facility deserves to burn. He burns the book. 
Back in New Orleans, Gambit admits that he couldn't find the diary. The owner, Nathaniel Essex, forgives the charge and pays the Theives' Guild. Back at his labs, Mr. Sinister plans for future uses of Gambit.

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