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Morrison and Quitely's emotional animal adventure concludes. Sick, wounded and hunted by soldiers and the terrifying "We4" cyborgs, it's the end of the line for Bandit, Tinker and Pirate as their bid for freedom comes to a bitter, bloody conclusion. Who will live and who will die in the brutal, unforgettable finale?


A homeless man is seen travelling through a train yard, searching for a place to get out of the rain and enjoy his dinner. He finds an abandoned shack with boarded windows and a missing door just on the outskirts of the railroad. When he stumbles inside he is initially shocked to find all three of the animals huddled inside. Instead of treating them with hostility because of their appearance, he gives them a chance and finds that they aren't threatening. He shares his meal with all three of them before expressing his disgust towards the people who made them into talking, mechanical killing machines. Seeing that the animals are all either sick or injured he agrees to help fix them up after Bandit pleads for his help.

The homeless man is then seen being confronted by a military unit outside of the compound. They notify him that there are some extremely dangerous animals loose in the area and that if he could give them information concerning their whereabouts they would give him a generous award. He refuses to help them and then even insults them which leads to him being detained.

Doctor Trendle then mentions to the Senator that the animals are all weak and sick because they have been without their medication. He also tells Roseanne Berry to do whatever the Senator tells her to do, which is to lead the animals out into the open so that Weapon 4 could engage.

Back in the abandoned shack, both Tinker and Bandit argue about the fate of the homeless man. Lacking all faith in man, Tinker believes he has abandoned them while Bandit expresses his trust for the man. During the argument Pirate, who is still badly injured from his confrontation with the hunter, runs off into the train yard while Tinker and Bandit run after him. It is revealed that Pirate had run off because he sensed Weapon 4 as the two face one another. Bandit and Tinker arrive just in time to watch as Weapon 4 crushes Pirate to death with his massive jaws. Pirate's last words are "Uh-oh" as he helplessly explodes due to the damage of his suit.

After witnessing the death of 3, Bandit helplessly leaves Tinker behind as he hears a familiar voice call his name. It's Roseanne who comforts and pets him as Snipers aim their guns at the dog from the surrounding buildings. Just as they are about to fire, Roseanne pushes Bandit out of the way and reveals to him his real name "Bandit" before being fatally shot and killed.

Bandit screams "Bad Dog" over and over again as he avoids the gunfire from above and runs into Weapon 4 again who appears completely unharmed. Both Weapon 4 and Bandit fight relentlessly, but nothing seems to phase Weapon 4 whereas Bandit is severely injured in the short fight. Just as Weapon 4 is about to deliver it's killshot, Tinker attacks from the sky. Both Tinker and Bandit work as a team and attack Weapon 4. The fight is so brutal that it is carried over into the traffic of a nearby highway where cars are smashing into Weapon 4. After witnessing the carnage, a police officer fires his weapon at Weapon 4 who then retaliates by trying to kill the officer, however Bandit saves the man seconds before. Fearful that Weapon 4 is more dangerous than its worth, the general orders for it to be remotely shut down. Weapon 4 is then destroyed by a remote detonated bomb in its head.Both Tinker and Bandit escape the scene moments before the military arrives. They escape through the sewers, but are again chased by the military into a construction zone. They run into an abandoned half-built house where they ditch their armored suits and leave them overheat and explode.

Both Bandit and Tinker are later seen in a similar abandoned home. They are heavily scarred and have various pieces of technology sticking out of their bodies. An unknown shadow finds them and tells them that he had been searching for them. Doctor Trendle is later seen purchasing a newspaper with his name and picture on it citing that his testimony helped bring down the senators campaign (the one who funded the we3 program). He walks in front of a courthouse to find the same homeless man from before, only this time he has a dog and a cat with him. Doctor Trendle asks the man if the animals need anything special to survive to which the homeless man replies with "Only love, affection and a few scraps of food here and there." He gives the homeless man a couple hundred of dollars before walking into the courthouse where hundreds of flickering reporter lights go off as he enters.







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