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The value of We3

If you haven't read We3 then you can click HERE for the Vertigo Preview and read my review.
Grant Morrison, praised by many hated by many... but we can agree that there is at least one or two stories from him that we all like.  I would like to believe We3 fits that description as a Grant Morrison books we all can enjoy.  Grant Morrison is a big thinker, with series like The Invisibles he can easily lose reader with its rich research he did for that story to its long list of pop culture.  We3 is not as long as Doom Patrol or New X-Men, but it as Epic as anything Grant Morrison has ever written.
Three house hold pets, a Dog, a Cat and a bunny... they lost their homes but found each other as their new family.  Biologically altered to be the perfect killing team. They work as a unit and as prototypes for the new weapons of war.  Just take a moment and think about that.... Animals to fight out wars for us?  Why not, we have them as pets, why not let them die for us?  Why not make them kill for us?  Humanity is always looking for the perfect weapons and war help economy, so it makes sense right?  Also those three types of animals are in abundance so its not like we can't wait a few weeks for a whole bunch of bunnies.  I mention these questions because its the real world and Vertigo at times explores real world situations.  Animal testing is wrong, but what if it saves human life?  Animals are lower then humans and ultimately their purpose in our society is to serve us, right?
Grant Morrison explores the effects of us on the Animals as much as the three's animals effect on us.  We3 is a series that does make you think.  Ethics are explored.  People die.  Questions are asked.  Are we so advanced as a species at we overlook every other creature on this planet?  If a dog could talk, how smart would it be?  Would it still be loyal?  A cat would it be still as sly and rude?  A Bunny... is its mind so limited that food and instant gratifications is all that matter?  
We3 as a title I believe is well chosen.  We 3 refers directly to the 3 animals and that they form a unit "We".  But could the title also be a social comment?  You, me and society also makes We 3 groups.  And us as a people need to see who destructive and hurtful we are.  Life is precious.  There is one scene in book 3 where Bandit the Dog, Tinker the cat and a Man are all together.  That would not surprise me if that was an intended numerology of We 3... 3 animals, 3 letters in the title of species. DOG, CAT, MAN... bring all three animals to an equal level in a weird way.

 Bullets don't lie when they fly.
Enough about Grant's genius mind.  Frank Quitely's art is a perfect match to this shocking tale.  At times the violence seems extreme, but the violence is what really makes you appreciated life.  The deaths can be quite gruesome.  I warn any younger readers to not look at the pictures.  The art is playful yet strong.  At first you see the cute animals that bring you into the story.  After the Animals hook you, you get to see the violence for what it is.  War is ugly and it is not prejudice.  Those who die as causality of war normally die ugly.  This book does not suger coat that fact.  Holes are blown inside the chest cavity of the guy on left.  Poor Soldier below feels many different pains.
 Example of the silent narration illustrated by Mr. Quitely

 Another example of the beauty in the violence.  The need to survive even at the cost of another species life.

 This kill scene is one of my favorites in the whole book.  Its breath taking.

We3 is one of those Vertigo comics that is a must read.  It already has had multiple printings and was translated in a few languages.  Who knows, a books like this may united the world.  Life is valuable and precious. I cannot look at a pet the same way again after reading this book.  I hope it changes your life too. 
 - Silkcuts
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Posted by PureKiwi

I just have to say that this comics book is one of the saddest things I have ever read
Posted by Silkcuts
@PureKiwi:  Your not the only one, but the sadness that comes from it is the reason life is so important and that is what makes it beautiful, it really is one of Morrison's best books to date.

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