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The Incredible Journey meets The Terminator in WE3 a heartbreaking animal adventure like no other. The eagerly awaited reunion of the white-hot team of Grant Morrison (JLA, New X-Men) and Frank Quitely (THE AUTHORITY, New X-Men), WE3 is their most ambitious collaboration yet their own unique attempt to create a 'Western manga' in a wild adventure that any reader, new or old to comics, can enjoy. They're the ultimate cyborg assassins; armed with missiles, poison gas, state-of- the-art computer technology and unbreakable exo-skeletons. The government has spent millions to fuse the firepower of a battalion with the nervous systems of a dog named Bandit, a cat named Tinker, and a rabbit named Pirate. As part of a program to replace human soldiers with expendable animals, the U.S. government has transformed three ordinary pets into the ultimate killing machines. But now, those three animals have seized the chance to make a last, desperate run for 'Home'. A run that will turn into a breathless hunt to the death against the might of the entire military/industrial complex. Prepare for adrenaline rushes and flowing tears as the world's deadliest, most misunderstood animals make a spectacular, unforgettable bid for freedom!

A man running on a treadmill, two glowing eyes look out the vent as he passes by. The "thing" in the vents following him then turn and go into the ventilation of another room another pair of glowing eyes. The eyes make their way to the opened chimney as a group of men watch TV drinking guns sitting right next to each of them, one of the groups of men notice the pair of glowing eyes another sees the man staring and looks also.

Pans to Treadmill guy

He continues running on his treadmil until he hears something outside his door the creatures from before move up to his door, grabbing a pair of automatic weapons he aims them at the door. A look of surprise and confusion comes to his face before he unloads round after round into the door leaving only the door frame left of the door, as the last bullet casing falls to the floor a confused look followed by a "Oh sh!t" stare comes to his face. Next instant his body is ridden with bullet after bullet, the bullets travel so fast they sever all of his body into pieces. In such a speed his torso is vaporized leaving his head and a foot in the next instance.

The creatures move downstairs his body behind them in pieces, as they make their way downstairs we see the group of men from before all dead and on the ground on top of each other. They hadn't been able to fire a shot, before they were killed. The three creatures make their way out of the house and we finally see them, three robotic creatures a large one and two smaller ones. As they make their way to a truck for pick up we see the house in the back ground set ablaze

Next Morning

A woman cuts open a box revealing a stack of news papers reading "Guerra Assassinated", she hands them off to a clerk and takes one for herself and begins to read. A truck reading "Pet Supplies" drives off and we see inside it a team of men and computers sit inside the small truck with our three creatures looking as if they are sleeping lined up against the wall. The vehicle makes its way down a road trees pass by in the background and they drive throuugh a gate and it gloses behind them reading as it finally closes "USAF Experimental Area DANGER". Inside the creatures are lined again up against a wall and a wire placed in each of them, as a man looks at them their visors open up revealing three animals a dog, cat, and a rabbit.

In the next room a discussion on a new experimental way of doing tasks with cyborg rats between two generals and two scientists.One of the scientists talk about the military applications for these rats along with others by showing how he remotly controls one of the rats with a drill for a head attacking and killing another one of the rats. A large menacing grin on Dr Trendles face as he forces the rat to kill. All the general says after the display is that he was told that he was able to see the "Higher" animal prototypes.







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