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A lot of people are in a tizzy about the new "Before Watchmen" series. But I gotta ask why? All books go from good to bad and back again. I get that people love it and the characters and all (I was one of the people who hated not seeing the squid in the film :D, don't bring up the sex scene.) And yes it is a must read imo if your new or a seasoned vet in comics. DC comics is giving us what we've wanted for years, more stories from the Watchmen universe. At least one of the upcoming books has to be a good read. So how can you complain about that? If one or all are up to par that's more than your ever thought you were going to get.

Ps - I gotta say it's hard no to have some kinda hope with Azzarello working on Rorschach.

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I hate the whole idea behind Watchmen anyway, period. I don't like deconstructionism, and I prefer things being built UP, not torn down.

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