Watchmen movie, how do you feel?

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there is a movie in the works for the watchmen (or the comic bible for those of you who dont know).

the screenplay is being written as of right now by david hayter ( who co-wrote xmen and x2, hes also the guy who does Solid Snakes voice)

how do you guys feel about this?

think its a bad idea, or a great one?

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Watchmen is a masterpiece. There is no way that a film could be as good as the comic series, but I think it could make a pretty cool, and unique film.

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Horrible. Shouldn't be touched. It's way to sprawling and epic to be made into a movie.

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It could be great like and epic like in a Lord of the Rings way, or it could be horrible in a Uwe Boll movie way.

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I believe this movie would bomb horribly. It has been a little while since I've read watchmen, but it is more dialog and pontificating over situations rather than straight up action (which is what the masses now expect with comic book movies due to the success of the Spiderman and Xmen movies)

And dare I say it.....the majority of the general public has never even heard of Watchmen. Hell, I remember when it was rumored if Xmen was a well known enough name to make an impact at the box office. Don't shoot me on this one, when I speak of the masses and general public try and keep in mind of people like your parents or grandparents. They are likely to have heard of huge names like Superman/Spiderman and the like, but beyond those icons of the comic industry the movie studios are really taking a gamble. They aren't relying on the name recognition anymore to draw the crowd in, they actually have to make a great movie. After that the word of mouth, good reviews on TV and in print just may get peoples interest peaked enough to draw in the crowds.

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I've gotta agree with the majority that a feature film would bomb. Even doing it Peter Jackson style as a massive LOTR trilogy would be painful. There's only 2 ways I see this being entertaining for comic fans: either do it as a 3-hour anime-style (meaning outstanding animation and huge epic story) movie or else do it as a 12-part HBO series. Any other way would just end up being some shlok film like Moore's "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

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this is going to be a disaster.

it might be remotely good if alan moore was given directing freedon but i am sure Alan is a smart man and he wouldn't go near such a project.

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I'd be on the fence about this one myself. It has potential sure, but if it isn't handled right it would suck cheese. I like some of the adaptations of Moore's work like From Hell and V was watchable, ( I know read the comic.) but I'd be leary of such an epic comic bein brought out by the hollywood grinders. Not to mention the wrong choices in casting would kill any level of decency. Too much and it bogs down, not enough and it feels empty. How do they find a middle ground and make everyone happy? I do think animated would be a better choice for the venue on this one though. Much like Transformers, I just don't know how good it's going to be but I'd have preferred an updated animated movie over the way some of the designs look. Just my two cents.

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the movie is suposed to be made by Zack Snyder, the same person who made the 300 movie

he allsostated in a interview, that he will trye to stick as close to the oryginal as possible

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It'll never be good enough to please die hard fans of the original, but I think it'll succeed as an honest effort to make a lesser known comic masterpiece available to the mainstream. If they approach it intelligently, thats what theyll do. Either the general public wont get it or hardcore fans will hate it. The film makers are damned either way.

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Seeing as how Zack Snyder is on board with this movie, I think it's going to be phenomenal.

I'm a huge fan of his remake of Dawn of the Dead, and being an avid horror movie fan, I heard the disgust and anger from other fans that there's no way a classic like the original Dawn of the Dead could be remade. However, he proved his chops and I think the movie is phenomenal.

Zack Snyder hid a very small clip of Rorschach during the 300 trailers, and here's a pic of him:

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Only one way to make it good, and that would be to have a twelve hour movie andkeeping it perfect to Alan Moore's book.

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Assimilation says:

"Only one way to make it good, and that would be to have a twelve hour movie andkeeping it perfect to Alan Moore's book."

That's stretching it a little, don't you think?

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The problem is rorshach's mask... how?

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I don't think it'll be very good, if Alan Moore directed it it might be ok. But Moore is smart staying away from it.

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i like that idea

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Initially I would think it would be at best dissapointing, but if done like LoTR one story stretched out over three movies It might pleasently surprise.

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I'm never against the adaptation of comics to film. There are two possible results.

  1. A kick-ass movie.

  2. The advancement of an under-rated medium. There's no such thing as bad press.

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I think it's a good idea only because then everyone around the world would get to see what watchmen is about, not just us "geeks".

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I'm not concerned really, Zack Snyder seems to have tremendous respect towards the comic, and all the photos and info leaked so far seems to be very faithful to the comic. Sure it will be compressed to fit into the 2-2.5 hour movie time frame, but I'm sure they'll be able to get the main themes and ideas from the movie in there.

But that's just my 2 cents.

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Josh 727 says:

"I don't think it'll be very good, if Alan Moore directed it it might be ok. But Moore is smart staying away from it."

Well, for one thing Alan Moore is a great writer, I can sing his praises with the best of them, however he's also just a wee bit batshit crazy and probably not a very good candidate for Director.

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A Black Freighter animated film will be released on DVD four days after the film. For those who don't know the Black Freighter is a story within the Watchmen story.

Empire also announced the rest of the DVD release schedule:

Warners plans to release Tales of the Black Freighter, which will be fully animated, on DVD on May 10 2009, just after the live-action (or as close as a Zack Snyder film gets) Watchmen's release on May 6. Warners and Snyder envisage three DVD releases for the Watchmen brand, therefore: this first Freighter release, the main movie some four months later, and an "ultimate" edition with the two spliced together after that. Buyers, be warned.

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