Can someone please Explain to me the end of watchmen

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okay Spoliers
1-when ozy asked jon if everything was okay in the end and jon told him there is no end
2-when the reporter  found rosrarch's journal does that mean ozy 's alien show  is now exposed, or he didnt write it down
3-did the comedian really go through with the rape of the silk spectre ?thats why she got lourie or did they just get along with time?
4- why did owl man suddenly get fat by mid issues and is he the most boring character of all time jk

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no one??

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I can answer these

2. No Rorschach left the journal before they went to antartica.

3. No hooded justice beat the living sh*t out of him before anything could really happen. They later got along better.

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1. just a piece of philosophy, a word of wisdom it really doesn't have any serious barring on the end

2. Rorschach mailed the journal before they confronted Ozy and also before they knew his whole plan and what he did so it didn't detail his wrong doings but implies that he would be investigated and that the public is mildly aware of what went on it also means that rorschach won't be forgotten and that the world knows the Watchmen's true identity

3. no he failed but he would have if he hadn't been stopped. They didn't really get along better later as seen in the seen where she tells him to stay the hell away from there daughter and questions if he has any shame. it is implied that she was drunk lonely and regards it as a mistake

4. I'm not gonna dignify this joke with a response Night Owl was a boss

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Night Owl was fat at the start. It just shows more in the skin tight uniform. The whole point of Night Owl was that he was boring, that's why he was the most unchanged charaticer after the heroes were banned. Even he knew he was boring. That's why he couldn't (ahem) perform until he started playing with his (ahem) Night Owl equipment.

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@BlackArmor: thanks

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