A little "What-If" Scenario

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After seeing all the news bits and various debate over Before Watchmen, I've just realized a few things:

1. I'm extremely tired of the seemingly never-ending debate over this project's necessity.

2. I'm extremely tired of DC being unoriginal (same with Marvel and anyone else milking their bigger guns).

3. I'm extremely tired of Alan Moore and his little grudge against the industry.

4. I'm extremely tired of Watchmen having the whole "Godfather" level of acclaim and moneymaking potential--retire the publication already!!!

To that end, I kept musing to myself a little hypothetical. Now I want to include all of you in it. Bear with me:

Suppose I was the one who took over the reins of DC Comics in 2010 and Johns/Lee/DiDio didn't. My first act as head of one of the largest comic book companies whose bestsellers include Watchmen, which while a seminal work caused a lot of bad blood between this company and Alan Moore, the original writer? My first act? The unthinkable: I forfeit all the rights to Watchmen and give them back to Alan Moore--and I do it in person, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE GUY. I even tell him my reasons why: I'm doing this, without the consent of the other heads of DC (or even Warner Brothers), not because of any artistic or commercial ethics that were violated, but because, simply, I DON'T like the story and no longer want the company or myself to have anything to do with it--a reverse of Moore's 27-year old position. Here I am, telling Alan Moore that I'm giving him back everything that was "swindled" from him, for personal reasons. My challenge posed to all of you is this:

I do all of this, and how would YOU picture Alan Moore reacting?????

Please DO respond.

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