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One of the greatest movies of all time!

When I first watched this film, I didn't think it was going to be enjoyable, I hadn't read the graphic novel at the time and it looked like a very complicated storyline...well when people say don't judge a book by it's cover, you best believe them because this my friends is absolutely fantastic. 
I can't do this film justice with the amount of praise I'm gonna give it, it's amazing. The film has the perfect beginning, with the fight between the Comedian and the Mask Killer (a.k.a Ozymandias). You can tell it's a Zack Snyder film because of the slow-motion/fast-motion shots used, it's executed perfectly. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was also a brilliant casting choice for the Comedian, he really fits the part well, sure he swears a lot more than in the comic, but that kind of makes the film more realistic, because people would really swear in those situations. Personally, I'd always think Jeffrey was secretly an older brothr of Robert Downey Jr. or something, don't they look loads alike? 
Anyway, Jackie Earle Haley also gives a stunning performance as Rorschach, his monalogues are always awesome in the film even if he does sound loads like Christian Bale in the Dark Knight, but still, his voice is pretty dark (I'm not suprised that Michael Bay chose Haley to be the next Freddy Krueger). But then again, I guess the dialogue in the movie has to be credited to Alan Moore, since most of the lines in the film are identical to the book. The scene in which the Crimebusters team (called the Watchmen team in the film to link with the title), are having their meetings and Ozymandias and Comedian have an argument, that scene is basically line-for-line identical, I'm glad that Snyder really committed to keeping the film like the comic. 
Now I know what you're thinking, "Moomin123 is saying that Zack Snyder kept the film loyal to the book, but the entire ending is completely removed!". Well you guys are right, I dunno why Snyder changed the squid scene, maybe he thought that Dr. Manhattan being framed for destroying most of the world's cities would be more feasable on screen than a giant squid monster. 
Speaking of Dr. Manhattan, Billy Crudup is another brilliant choice for him. Although that's not his really body on screen and that only Crudup's face is real, it's still awesome. Dr. Manhattan is one of my favourite comic book characters of all time and Crudup definately does him justice. My favourite scene in the film is when Dr. Manhattan is on the Q&A show and he starts talking all scientific and refering to quantum physics and no-one has a friggin' clue what he's on about. I also love it when everyone is harrasing Manhattan at the end of show and suddenly Manhattan snaps and just shouts at everyone, causing them to disappear. Another one of my favourite scenes is when Dr. Manhattan is told to fight crime, despite the fact he's like a god, so he just floats into that bar filled with gangsters and he just blows them into pieces, like it basically just went. 
Gangster: I'm gonna kill you Dr. Manhattan, sure you can blow up tanks and turn people into glass and stuff, but you're no match for me and my goons. 
Manhattan: I'd contemplate that otherwise! (BOOM! loads of gangsters dead in a millisecond). 
 You don't f%*k with DR. MANHATTAN!!! 
I might as well mention the other Watchmen characters whilst I'm here. Nite-Owl is pretty good in the film, although he does look just like Batman despite being an owl not a bat. Patrick Wilson does look quite a lot like Dan Dreidburg in the novel but he could probably work more on the socially-awkward thing, but aside from that, good choice. Silk Spectre in my opinion is by far better in the film than she is the novel. Although her name doesn't really make sense since she's the SILK Spectre and she wears latex, the movie's interpretation of Laurie Jupiter is much better than the comic, she looks better and in my opinion, she's a lot hotter in the film as well. I'd never even heard of Malin Akerman before I saw this film, but judging by what I've seen, she looks smokin' hot, no doubt about it, by far the sexiest superhero who's been shown on a film, plus her acting isn't bad either. Now originally, Jessica Alba was condifered for this role, but Snyder wanted someone less famous for the budget I assume. I'm glad that choice was made because Akerman is so much better-looking than Alba. Anyway, Ozymandias was okay too, but I think they could've picked someone better to play him, Matthew Goode is bot bad but he wasn't the best. Jude Law and Tom Cruise were also characters considered for this role, now Jude Law would've been much better than Gode in thisd role and Tom Cruise could've definately pulled off the billionaire-style character better too. 
Not much left to say, but Watchmen, you're a friggin' great movie, so great that it's come as the 2nd best film of all time on my list of favourites. 

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