aztek_the_lost's Watchmen #2 - Absent Friends review

Getting A Little Frustrated

Okay, I'm not going to lie, these are some quality comics, but I think all this hype is getting me expecting more than I'm getting, perhaps I've read too many good comics in my day for this to rise above them, I don't know. I just am getting so frustrated, feeling like the greatest thrill ride in the world just opened, and everyone has gone it already and now here I am, holding my ticket, sitting in that seat buckled in, but the ride just broke down. I am wondering if perhaps I have hyped this series up too much, maybe I'd think its amazing if I hadn't heard anything about it, and that it was the greatest or maybe its only good after you've finished it? I hope for the latter...


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    This issue focuses on The Comedian, with the backdrop of his funeral we see his interactions with the other heroes, and the depths his depravity and questionable mporals took him.   First Sally Jupiter and her daughter Laurie talk about the Comedian and her days with him in the Minute Men.  We  see the group discussing their place in the world with it going to war.The dialogue in this scene does a good job of creating real characters. As if real people decided to don masks and tights and fight ...

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    The story starts when Laurie is visiting her mother (the original Silk Spectre) Sally Jupiter. Then we see how Jon is attending the funeral of Edward Blake. Laurie and her mother discuss when Blake tried to rape her and his antics in life.  Then the picture in again changed to the funeral of Edward and it end with a man with the sign reading 'The End is Nigh'.  My Personal Toughs: Good issue. By this and in the other issues we learn more and more that Edward Blake 'The Comedian' is a bad man. A ...

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