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The 1st victim of The Wasp's Sting!

Ever since she first became The Wasp, Janet van Dyne only had her tiny size to get herself out of tight situations. Contemplating this, her partner Henry Pym invented a miniature air gun for her to use as a non-lethal weapon. Spider-Man was the first victim of The Wasp's Sting in the story "On the trail of the Amazing Spider-Man"


The Wasp's Sting first appeared in Tales To Astonish #57 (Jul. 1964). It was conceptualised and drawn by Stan Lee and Dick Ayers.


The Wasp's Sting is a miniature air gun that straps on to the forearm. The trigger is a ring attached to the gun via an elasticated cord. In order to shoot the "stings" the ring finger needs to be bent inwards. The Wasp's sting fires non-lethal cartridges of compressed air. It can fire one continuous burst or short sudden ones, depending on how long the finger is held down.

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