Favorite Wasp Costume?

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I have to say I like Wasp's modern costume best (the one she was wearing when she died). It's sleek, sexy, and the pattern is the most wasp-like of all of her costumes. 
I miss Janet. :(
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I like the modern one too it wat im used to seeing Jan in
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I always liked this one best.

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They all look good but I would say the modern one is pretty cool!

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Her modern one

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I'd have to go with Modern, but Jane has always had such awesome costumes and was always changing them its hard to really pick only one.

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I'm liking the classic one, with the black and red.
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Avengers: EMH
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 These are my favorites!









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I liked all of the costumes, so it's impossible to choose a favorite.

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@Dracade102 said:

Avengers: EMH

this one

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No love for the baggy green jumpsuit?

#14 Posted by Nova`Prime` (4172 posts) - - Show Bio

She didn't wear it, but she designed it :)

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don't like any

#16 Posted by Crimsonlord53 (1469 posts) - - Show Bio

Current one.

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