greatest warren ellis book ever?

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I'm looking for opinions of warren ellis's greatest comics, I want to start compiling his best because I love the guys work, I mean who doesnt. So far I thought Kin was good, though the end pissed me off. and crecy, even though I'm american.So, any suggestions?

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Transmetropolitan,planetery,Desolation Jones,The authority run,No hero,Black Summer,Fell,Stormwatch run,crooked little vein:novel,Doktor sleepless,Gravel,Thunderbolts run,Hellblazer run,Dv8 run,Wolverine:not dead yet,ultimate Galactus triology.They all good but its only my opinion.

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the Doctor Doom story he did where Doom becomes president is amazing

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i loved Superior. Superior showed me why i read comics

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yeah i was a little spleepy when i read the title. from Ellis i enjoyed Supergod. not spectacular but an interesting read

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no love for the Doctor Doom story? It's so epic.

One Nation Under Doom
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1. Transmet
2. Planetary

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I believe it is Planetary, also i love Transmetropolitan but i believe it is Planetary.

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