Death of his people

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Does anyone know what happened to his People, i heard they were all killed...
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Yup. Stryfe's fault I believe. X-Force based themselves out of his tribes home for a while.

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Xerox Kitty will be here for further enlightenment any moment now.

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@pixelized: Heh... I was crawling out of bed, at that time :) 
They were killed towards the end of the first New Mutants series.  Cable asked Warpath out to New York and invited him to join his new army, but Warpath turned Cable down.  However, by the time he got back to the Reservation all he found were the bodies of his people littered around.  The only signs of their attackers were a couple of Hellfire Club guards' masks, which he took to mean that it was Emma Frost's way of getting back at him for leaving the Massachussett's Academy.  Therefore he joined the New Mutants, offering to help Cable in exchange for help against the Hellfire Club. 
Years later, when X-Force went on a roadtrip, Warpath discovered the truth behind what had happened.  Edwin Martynec had been performing illegal experiments to further the research of his pharmaceuticals company.  Michael Whitecloud was a reporter from Warpath's tribe, and he had been investigating Martynec.  As an attempt to silence Whitecloud, Martynec had the whole tribe killed and pinned the blame on the Hellfire Club by leaving a couple of masks behind.  Yeah, it was a pretty uninspiring and weak attempt to pick up & finish a pretty uninspiring & weak story that Liefeld had started. 
So they were laid to rest, and the truth was finally revealed.   
Now that Eli Bard has been infected with the docile transmode virus, he has used that to inflect, repair, heal, ressurect & control the dead members of Warpath's tribe (including his brother John, the first Thunderbird).  So we have to wait to see how Selene will use her new army of undead Apache, and whether they will be able to rest in peace afterwards...
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how come no one really seems to care in the x-men that Thunderbird is back? I read all of X-Force, and they don't come out and say, "Hey, guess what, Thunderbird is back." He should have somewhat of a bigger part in Necrosha.
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I'm guessing that Kyle & Yost are saving that revelation/reunion for Necrosha.  So far, it isn't good news that any of their dead friends & relatives have been resurrected.  And no-one knows yet about how many people have been resurrected or how they are being controlled by Eli Bard... Yet.

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