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One of the seven Shadow Warriors, from the 2000ad story - ABC Warriors

As with most other members of the Shadow Warriors, not much is known about Warmonger prior to being contracted to kill the ABC Warriors. What is know though is that he is a super up-to-date war droid many years ahead in advancement than any other machine built so far. Before joining the Shadow Warriors in New Sidona, he had gone and completed a solo mission in wiping out a horde of zombies that had ransacked a Neuropeptide A plant for the aforementioned chemical (zombies have an intense addiction in the "A" of the military brand of the steroid).

At New Sidona, Warmonger, along with the other robots in his team, attack civilians and ABC Warriors alike, going so far as to cause Mongrol's head to pop off in an explosion resulting from BunkerBusters.

Towards the end of the battle, Warmonger and Mongrol face off, with the advanced machine appearing to dominate the Frankenstein robot. However, the moment Warmonger mentioned Lara's name in an insult, Mongrol tore him in pieces and continued to smash him postmortem, enraged that such a callous robot would dare even mention his "mother's" name, to mention insulting her memory and workmanship in front of the battered Mogrol.

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