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Warlord Wrogg threatens the Watcher.

Warlord Wrogg and his legions had conquered every living being in Sector 14X except one Watcher. Wrogg wanted to destroy the Watcher and then he would be able to conquer the entire galaxy. Wrogg led his battle cruiser and his heavily armed armada towards the asteroid where the Watcher stood. Wrogg and his forces surrounded the Watcher but the lone being remained calm. The Watcher told Wrogg that all his power was nothing to him. The Watcher used a fraction of his power on Wrogg and he became to tremble in his tracks. The rest of Wrogg's warriors fled the scene as their leader began to age at a rapid rate. The Watcher was able to control time and space so he allowed Wrogg to live out his entire life in a matter of seconds. Wrogg collapsed onto the ground and had died due to old age.


Warlord Wrogg was created by Stan Lee and George Tuska in 1964 and first appeared in Tales Of Suspense #58.

Powers & Abilities

Warlord Wrogg was a leader of a heavily armed armada. Wrogg could also harness the energy from his blood cells and emit an energy blast from his hands.

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