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The Warlord of Zenn-La believed that those who wished to turn their society over to technology were traitors to Zenn-La. She believed the will of all Zenn-Lavians would be broken into a passionless existence. She was also ruthless and did not accept failure. She commanded the resistance to technology side of the Zenn-Lavian Civil War.

She was ambushed by some of her enemies and they were able to take out her top generals. She tried to escape on one of their flying machines but did not know how to operate it and fell to her death. Whether this is an actual history is unknown, as this is how it happened in a dream of the Silver Surfer's, believed to be based on some facts.

Regardless, she was eventually defeated, which led way to a new scientific era on Zenn-La. This way of life would eventually take it's toll on the citizens of Zenn-La just as the Warlord had feared.

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