razzatazz's Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #20 review

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After the somewhat nonsensical journey to Titan in the previous arc, and a weaker run since about issue 10, the series appears to be back its original standard here as the plot gets pretty involved pretty fast.  As opposed to the previous story arcs, this one focuses on really the best part of this series, which is Dejah Thoris acting as leader and compassionate female figure, while also sometimes lacking the maturity to know when not to get involved.  Because of her resolve it never becomes a huge problem, but in this case she is under a lot more pressure than usual.  She is escorting a master spy trying to break up an assassination ring, and acting as his slave-girl.  The spy does not want much to do with her but she proves to be valuable on more than one occasion.  The strength of this issue is that the politics of Lesser Helium are mostly skipped to jump right into the action, and the concept behind the story is a strong one, as it incorporates an exoticness which one should expect from a science fiction setting.  It is nice to see the series getting back to its roots here and it bodes well for things to come.   


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