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Born in the 17th century and very educated in the dark arts of magic no one knows the mans name, he is known only as the "Warlock". Hunted down and captured by an intrepid witch hunter the Warlock was locked up in a small tower in a town in Massachussets. Hanging from the wall by chains with his thumbs shackled to his toes he was waiting for the sentence of death to be carried out the next day having been offered (and refused) to confess his sins and seek absolution. The witch hunter, named Redfern, went in and taunted the Warlock saying that his master should free him. The Warlock mocked him provoking Redfern into kicking him before stalking out and slamming the door behind him and telling the warden to leave the chains and shackles on until the warlock has been burned to ash the next day. The next moment a storm blew up out of nowhere, destroyed buildings and knocked everyone over. Redfern ran back into the prison only to find himself sucked into a small tornado sent by the devil to save his servant and ends up sending the two of them into the far future.

The Warlock wastes no time in causing pain and misery in the new time. First by killing one of his rescuers and stealing the other ones bracelet and cursing her to age 20 years per day, meaning she will die within days. Then he sets out into the city, seeking out a psychic who can channel his Master in order to ask why he has been brought forward in time and is told that he must seek out the three pieces of the "Grand Grimoire" otherwise known as the devils bible and put them all together because doing so reveals the name of God and grants the power to undo all creation.

The Warlock asked what his reward would be and the messenger told him that should he succeed in his task he would become satans one true son.

Meanwhile Redfern has met the no-longer-young lady and talked her into beliving in the warlocks evil magic and helping him hunt the Warlock. They chase him through the country and eventually they work out what it is he's after but by the time they catch up with him he has two parts of the Grimoire and his power is growing stronger. He manages to escape from them by flying away but they realise where the final piece of the Grimoire is and go ahead of the Warlock to hide it before he can find it. They find the final piece is being kept in a grave on Hallowed ground where the Warlock cant set foot... but they also find that the cemetery is being moved and the graves are being moved into ground that isn't hallowed. The Warlock turns up and fights Redfern to a stand off and grabs the final piece of the Grimoire which shows him the name he needs to undo all of creation but before he can use it Redferns friend covers his mouth and injects him with salt water which kills him (salt being an old protection against evil). The spell is broken and Redfern is sent back to the past and the Warlock is gone for good... or is he?

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