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Mephisto has made his proposition to Thanos and Warlock: he will provide information about the Cosmic Cubes and they will in turn give him one after the Goddess' defeat. Warlock refuses to give him such power and Mephisto challenges him. Warlock reminds him that he has bested him before in his own domain, he will do no better in this realm.

Thanos agrees to the bargain, leaving Warlock out of it. Mephisto tells them the truth behind the Cubes and how they can be used adversly to what they are meant to do.

Warlock know goes to speak with Eternity and finds him seemingly merging with Infinity. Eternity and Infinity tell him that they are aware of the Goddess, but to them it is of no major importance. They abruptly send Adam away.

Adam returns to Thanos' ship and tells Mephisto to leave. Thanos also tells him that he is no longer required and he will fulfill his end of the bargain. Warlock now knows the Goddess' true intents after speaking with Eternity and has formulated a plan to face her. He placed the Soul Gem on Thanos forehead and his soul is taken into it.

Thanos know nows every aspect o f Warlock, including the Goddess' true plans. He is now left in charge of continuing the operation in Warlock's total trust.

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