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When advanced attackers attack Adam, he attempts to strike back but his brain his clouded with memories not his own...

Adam Warlock tries to use stealth to defeat the highly advanced attackers. He takes out one of them but is met with resistance from another. His Soul Gem unconsciously takes the mans soul, flooding his mind with memories not his own, causing Adam to pass out.

Meanwhile, Gamora and Moondragon are attacked with ultrasonics and incapacitated by the Omega, the leader of the group. They are captured.

Nobilus is put up the last line of defense for the childlike High Evolutionary. He fights valiantly but is subdued. Adam Warlock now arrives and knows the truth behind their attackers. They are all members of Counter Earth, poisoned by the Omega into hating their own creator, the High Evolutionary.

They recognize Warlock, who had previously died for their sins on Counter Earth. He tells them that they must not harm the High Evolutionary. They all suffer a conflict between duty and conscience and self destruct. Adam is saddened that this was the end result.

He leaves to check on the other members of the Infinity Watch. Nobilus asks who he chose to weild the gems and as he goes through them he realizes that perhaps he had made a grave mistake in those he chose while under the influence of supreme power.

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