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Containing four connected stories:  "Who is Adam Warlock?" (information from Fantastic Four #66-67, Thor #165-166, Warlock #1-8, and Hulk #176-178), "Enter the Magus Chapter II," "Death Ship" and "The Judgment." 
In the first story, readers are reintroduced to the character Adam Warlock and his history. In the second, Warlock is confronted for the first time by The Universal Church of Truth and the soul gem leads Warlock to learn the secret of The Magus.  In "Death Ship," Warlock has begun to seek out The Magus, but one of The Universal Church of Truth's ships, The Great Divide, finds Warlock and captures him.  The ship is under the command of Captain Autolycus who has also imprisoned a number of undesirables.  Adam meets Pip the Troll and helps the prisoners escape their captors. In the fourth story, Warlock and Pip (unlikely teammates) infiltrate Homeworld, the location of The Universal Church of Truth's headquarters.  While there, Warlock is allowed to confront The Matriarch. She informs him that The Magus is nothing but his future self - and then The Matriarch opens a trapdoor and Warlock is captured.

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