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The Warheads land in the middle of a war-torn world. They return to London after scavenging for weapons and find another wormhole with odd qualities: the one in Glasgow is linked to one in New York. X-Force gets mixed up in wormhole travel and the teams butt heads when a witch makes the men blood-thirsty.


The Warheads exit a wormhole and land in the middle of a war between alien robots. The team blasts through and begins scouring the wreckage for any weapons they can take back to Mys-Tech. In their search they find a trap door that leads below the city. The group splits up. Topside continues scavenging while Liger takes Perez and Misha to investigate below. They meander until they find a solemn assembly. Perez does his best to decipher what is happening. The elders of this alien race seem to be holding a trial. A man murdered for his botching of the war topside. The trio is spotted and they flee as the aliens fire after them.

In the Adirondack Mountains, X-Force holds a practice session. Shatterstar and Feral spar and Feral, as usual, takes it too far. She kicks Shatterstar when his guard is down and he flies through a freshly opened portal. Cable calls the rest of the team over and they dutifully follow Shatterstar (with a bit of grumbling from Cannonball).

Back on the alien world, Liger, Perez, and Misha continue running from their pursuers. They stumble upon a vast room of men in chairs with helmets. They figure the men control the chaotic war topside. They investigate and find that the devices are actually virtual reality machines. The war must be controlled in another location. Aliens arrive and Liger orders the group out. They levitate from the underground and blow up the base. They reunite with the rest of the team and take their almost expiring wormhole home to England.

Back at their base, the group has to confront the idea that work is being performed rather poorly. Mr. Grant, however, seems to be far more forgiving than he has been in the past. New data rolls in and the group discovers that a portal in London is somehow connected to one in the Adirondack Mountains. The team preps to leave while unsure of what the connection means.

The portal is in Glasgow and the team preps to leave from what Mys-Tech has made to look like a movie set in a prominent museum. Misha prophesies that Stacie should wear a hat so she takes a garish stage prop hat. The curator watches in fascination as the Warheads seemingly disappear through a very real wormhole. The director of the "movie," Porlock, assures the curator that it's all done with mirrors...

X-Force finds themselves on an alien planet. Shatterstar can't pinpoint the source, but he certainly feels as if something is driving him to be more aggressive. Cable feels it, too. Domino does not. Perfect timing for the Warheads to show up. The teams inexplicably begin fighting until Misha shouts "Enough!" No one knows what happens next, just that the Warheads are alone atop a summit that Misha calls a place of power. Just then a big, fat lady arrives on a large cat intent on eating them. She turns their weapons into mystic creatures before they can attack.

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