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Warfare is a member of the Foreigner's Death Squad a nd comes into conflict with Spider Man and Betty Brant i nside the Foreigner's corporate building. Warfare appears with Swift, Pulse and Whisper when they attack Spider Man and Betty Brant. Warfare kills Pulse when he tries to gun down the wall-crawler. Spider Man disarms Warfare with his webbing and knocks him down with one punch. 
The Foreigner appears on a television screen and informs Spider Man the origin of the Death Squad. The members were given their special abilities and high tech gear by the Foreigner's lab boys. Each Death Squad member also had brain implants to collect battle data which was transferred to the main computer. The information from past battles passes on to the next volunteer and the Foreigner had a long waiting list. Warfare activates a self destruct sequence but Spider Man and Betty Brant escape from the explosion.

Abilities and Paraphernalia

Warfare is a high tech mercenary that wears an armored suit and uses an automatic rifle. Warfare is able to activate a self destruct sequence from his wrist gauntlet.

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